What Metal is 18

One of the research necessary to progress.

Trading is essential in this game. Players will not get very far in the story as the conditions to complete quest rise and rise in price. Relying on the resource generators alone will take a player a considerable amount of time to progress in the story.

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Trading: How does it work?Edit


In order to trade, players need trade goods which is generated by the Trade Post . These goods are sent only to players in the same kingdom. To send trade goods, players can:

1) Tap the Social Icon on the right menu bar.

2) Tap the Trade Carriage Icon on the upper right corner.

3) Acces it through Trade Post.

Each way will result in opening the neighbors screen.

From the Neighbors screen, goods can be sent and accepted. If a good is available to be accepted, a handshake icon will appear. If there is no goods to be accepted, you can send your trade good(provided that the cooldown is over).

Note: Gold is not gained immediately after sending a trade good. Your neighbor must accept the trade good.



Players in a kingdom have a like-o-meter(as shown above) for their neighbors. By default, the meter is 50 and it determines the amount of reputation lost when attacking the neighbor and a fraction of how much trade profit is gained per good. Lower like-o-meter is ideal for attacking and higher like-o-meter is ideal for trade.

Status ScreenEdit