Donations and Loyalty Points Edit

If you are part of a guild you can donate (gift) resources to get Loyalty points, which are used to activate guild buildings which offer a special (permanent)  buff as long as you belong to your guild

Guild Loyalty1

The "donatable" resources are Gold, Essences and Diamonds.

There is a daily limit on how much you can donate/gift.

The base Value of the limit is 1 million and can be increased by leveling the storage building of your Guild.

There is a special rule for diamonds: Donating diamonds is determined by your VIP-points. You can donate 1 Diamond for each VIP-point.

Exchange ratiosEdit

The Table shows how much resources are needed for 1 Loyalty point (exception diamonds).

Resource Amount of Resource Loyalty you get
Diamonds 1 30
Gold 500.000 1
Water Essence 2 1
Fire Essence 2 1
Light Essence 2 1
Wind Essence 2 1
Earth Essence 2 1

How to spend Loyalty PointsEdit

Go to your guild menu -> Status - > Buildings (open) -> Sacred

Guild buildingsGuild buildings2Guild sacred

As you can see in the last picture you can upgrade a building more than once. Each level of a building increases the Loyalty costs.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
20 60 180 380 ?

It's also possible to reset your Loyalty Points by spending 50 diamonds. (Last picture right corner)