Extra Info from Konfui (feel free to use)

so the game consists of dominions kingdoms and worlds
dominions are your home
your village
where you produce your resources (rss)
those dominions are located in 1 of 10 spots
in a kingdom
10 is the maximum
you have to option to trade with neighbouring villages for profit
making the kingdom a trade kingdom (tk or tkd)
every kingdom has a great temple (gt) located at its center
which can be occupied by players
those players can collect tax money from the other dominions trading in that kingdom from the gt
by occupying a gt you also lay down a mostly accepted oath to protect your active traders
some people may not do that but fuck them and get out of that kingdom
some may be too weak to protect you that is why chosing a proper kingdom to put your dominion in is important
every kingdom is located in a world
which consists of 1000 kingdoms
it is a war game
so you train troops
research attributes to increase your production of rss and troop power
you can hire heros from greek legend
like ares
and zeus
to command your heros
You level them up by fighting
You can fight other players armies or attack a gt
but the most common thing is chasms
there are chasms in every kingdom and they serve as little monster hideouts
you attack them to gain little rewards and exp
the game never punishes you but the players do
there are real relationships
real friendships
everyone knows each others names
everyone cares
an attack on one wont be shrugged off
you will anger all his allies
you never stand alone
its amazing